Do you need to stop?

I’m a busy bunny, and I enjoy being that way. I think a lot. I do a lot. But now and again, things start to spin out of control and I start to wonder if I need to camp out on the moors for a year or two (I was voted student most likely to become a Himalayan goat-herder, after all). My yang, you might say, is on a military offensive and my creativity is the casualty. I’m too busy doing to think or be.

I need to S.T.O.P. Slow down. Take stock. Organise myself. Pay attention to the present. And put the lid on that popcorn brain.

Nowadays, meditation and flute practise put the brakes on for me. (I get myself to a Buddhist meditation class regularly so I can’t cheat myself of sufficient time to slow down.) And having a little conversation with Wunderlist about what reeeeeaaally needs to be done. Ever get the feeling you’re doing four times as much as you really have to?

How about you? Do you have a reboot strategy?



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