The Artist’s Way

Hey! How’s it going? This week I’ve pulled my copy of The Artist’s Way from our groaning shelf of unread books (well-intentioned book-buying is a thing round here). It feels like the right time, and we were blessed with a perfect sunny afternoon for me to soak up its wisdom in the garden.


I’m not sure what I expected from this read – I just feel ready to grow out of my creative comfort zone – but I have to say that I’m feeling pretty excited to embark on three months’ travel through unfamiliar territory. Today I wrote my first Morning Pages (the first “tool” is to write three stream-of-consciousness pages each morning in order to clear the mind, learn to disregard our inner censor and crystallise mental blocks and patterns of thought). Was it easy? Yes, actually, although I was surprised that it took me a little over 20 minutes. My hand had trouble keeping pace with my head.  I actually enjoyed it. It felt like very real time spent with myself, and I can now see why the trip might take some ugly turns later. Honestly is not always comfortable.


Ten days into my morning pages, it seems very odd if I miss or delay them. It’s become part of my morning routine, along with nei gung (which I practice as soon as I get up because I know damn well that tiredness or the day’s events will blow me off course if I leave it until later). I get a bit annoyed with myself if I dilly-dally and find my writing time shortened, and the act of depositing my scurrying thoughts onto the page does seem to leave me more clear-headed and cheerful as I embark on my day. Yes. I like the morning pages.


The morning pages are here to stay. It’s a bit like emptying the vacuum cleaner each morning. Instead of the same dusty old thoughts circulating round and round, dump ’em and make room for new ones. And…it’s very difficult to keep writing about the same gripes or anxieties without doing something about them…




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