Are you a hummingbird, too?

Hello on a beautiful fresh spring morning! I hope you’ve had a lovely few days, whatever you’ve been up to. Or not! Sometimes you just have to stop, right?

Our garden is getting a makeover at the moment. It’s wonderful to see the vague ideas I’ve had rumbling around taking shape…but at the same time as I’m weeding, planting, repointing and head-scratching I feel the pull of the other things I could be doing…that colour block top needs redesigning, it’s sunny and I could be out taking pictures and having a picnic, but then the house is full of dust bunnies, and I want to learn how to make that peyote necklace, and there’s that notepad to experiment with for a friend, and we need new cushion covers and I want to carve my own stamps and …but wait, shouldn’t I just be enjoying my garden? Oh yes. So I’ll concentrate on wildflowers and trellis, right now.

I can’t do everything I want to do this instant. I haven’t even started half of the things I’d like to try, but you know what? This wonderful video makes me realise that it’s okay to be in the carnival funhouse. It’s absolutely fine. I’ll never be one of those people who has one passion and follows it in a straight line. It’s a relief to know that I’m not failing, because I’m a hummingbird, because I’m going to spend my life collecting nectar from a thousand flowers. The trick is to take it one flower at a time…so for now I’m just going to decide where the strawberries will go.

Have a wonderful day!





Cake, Celts and Cosiness

Aloha! How are you doing today?

I’m having a Housey Day and it’s quietly wonderful. There’s a 3 Ingredient Cake slowly baking in the oven, although I didn’t have chocolate milk…so I improvised with cocoa powder and stem ginger, ‘cos it was there…seems okay so far…

I’ve spent the morning doing a bit of House Elfery and tiddling about with ideas that have been on a back burner for a while, like learning to design Celtic motifs and use a woodburning tool on leather. I’m generally feeling very lucky to be healthy, loved and in my warm home, doing things I enjoy.

Sometimes you need a day to gather your thoughts and slip down a couple of gears, I think….to allow some space for little seeds of inspiration to germinate. And have a little sleep.

Did you see this tree this week? Stunning. I wonder which was there first, the temple or the tree? Follow the link to Japanese tree porn at the bottom of the article if you like the gingko tree. Magical.

I hope you’re at peace with your world. Time to check on the cake…



Wildflower Birthday Card

Hey! I hope you’re having grand morning. Here, we have a beautiful bright day and the last of the autumn flowers are raising their faces to the sun.

Today I’m sharing a card I made for my good friend Emma, using wildflowers from GrowWildUK that grew in our garden over the summer.


I’m not sure the colours would have survived the drying process without a microwave flower press…but there’s nothing wrong with applying a bit of modern technology to an old craft, right 🙂

I really love this birthday stamp…I’d kinda forgotten I had it. I have a habit of buying things at a steal, leaving them in the To Put Away pile and rediscovering them six months later. I’d say it was a bad habit, except the moments of joy when I stumble across a beautiful bargain make me very happy! So it’s a trait I’m happy to keep.

How about you? Have you made cards using real flowers? Have you got a stash of forgotten gems?

Glorious spring!

Today we’ve been blessed with a perfect spring English afternoon.


Our kale is going to flower as a gift to the bees. It marches on year after year, so I hope it will still be edible after it’s done.


Nearly all planted up with salad crops, carrots and beetroot…


I love these happy faces! They don’t seem to mind our neglect at all…


And the stars of the potting shed, the courgettes planted by my favourite 12-year-old a few weeks ago. The tomatoes aren’t looking too shabby either, it has to be said.


Out in the open at last…they’ve got a whole flowerbed to themselves, pretty much, and I reckon they’re going to need it 🙂