New Roots

Good morning! I hope life is treating you well. Here we are deep in the heart of spring, and we’re having a fine old time at Nixiemade Towers. Here’s what’s been happening…

I’ve joined One Year No Beer and I’m happy to say it’s been very easy to swap out the evening wine habit. My only moment of temptation came during a particularly stinky migraine on Monday, which was probably caused by a very long gap between meals. I slept, I ate an inadvisable amount of crisps and I took myself for a walk to admire what the woods and fields had to offer. There is nothing like clean air and birdsong to lift the spirits.

We have sunflowers and courgettes on the way, a blowsy hanging basket and a senetti to greet us at the front door, and a new brigade of bedding plants admirably doing their thing. I’d not been a big flower grower in the past. I’m converted.

I found a big pile of cuttings that someone had left in the pocket park and took home some goat willow. They’ve taken, and they’re flowering! Even a stray sprig of basil has enthusiastically taken root. This world is full of little wonders.

And so to another sea change. We have a wedding to plan, it is true, and in the meantime I’m pursuing an unexpected diversion in career. It’s a little like rolling down a hill very fast….I can’t change the speed of travel but I can sure as hell do something about the direction I’m going in. Another germination is taking place….new roots. Exciting times. And time is what it’s all about, in the end – doing what is right for you, even if it’s difficult, while we have the time.

Have a wonderful day, and make it yours.

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