Make no. 23: Tent Organiser


Hey ­čÖé How are you today? It’s muggy as hell here and we’re floppy. Very floppy. But here’s a┬ásummertime camping post to make up for the last, rather unseasonal one!

Make no. 23 was a request from the very lovely Bill in our larp group. He wanted somewhere to put his washing up sponge…he got somewhere. And as it was made from excess tent that we tore away to create a canopy, which has been much enjoyed since, it matches the interior of Chez Gil-Gwaith rather well.


Tent Organiser


Suggested activities for newly-made tent canopies include having a beer with a troll.


Tent canopy


Swords got in the way a bit, so guess what I made after that…

Have a lovely afternoon. If all else fails, have an ice lolly. That’s what I say.

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