Fabric foraging in Leicester


Hi! How are you doing? I thought I’d share our recent fabric hunt with you. On Saturday my fella and I ventured north to swell our stash; he wants new larp costumes, but hell – as if I need a reason 🙂 Why has it taken over two years for me to take him to Leicester? I have no idea.

Abbey Park Map1

We found some £4 all-day parking at St Margaret’s Pastures, which by happy coincidence is next to the most splendid park. Another day, we’ll take a picnic – there is the dinkiest mini railway and the map promises a pet corner too!

Cow parsley1

Some of the country parks and gardens near us can look a little tired or lack the wonderful sense of abundance we found here. Exhuberant, is the word.


Crossing the canal to the city centre reminded me of pottering around Loughborough in my teens.

Door 27a

This door did make me smile 🙂

The main objective of our trip was to buy fabric for a costume, which we found immediately in the wonderful, friendly and well-established Direct Fabric Warehouse. Most of their stock is for curtains/furnishings but they have a very respectable section for dressmaking and costume fabrics.

Button Boutique

A perennial favourite, we picked up our trim here. I think my beloved can actually out-dither me. Scary.

Stuart's Fabrics

Stuart’s fabrics on the market are still going strong, I’m pleased to report – for 46 years now! My mum took me there regularly when I was younger. Ah, the memories. We came away with a couple of bargain finds (I have absolutely no immediate need for what I bought. The decadence).


My OH discovered The Criterion online and we tried out their ale and pizza while Villa took a hammering (shouting Yay Southampton got me a stern poke in the ribs haha). It all tasted wonderful, and we’ll be back for more. Artichokes and spinach, huh. Yum. And the sun streamed down on us. Bliss.

John Lewis

Off to John Lewis to dribble over the pretty things…


And laugh at the price tags. This one was only £68 a metre. Ouch!


I’m not a fan of banks but this guy on a window poster did make me laugh 🙂 Rah! Up the supersquirrels!


These came home with me. ‘Cos, duh! The fabric on the right has the most beautiful soft, cool drape that would be perfect for a ceroc skirt. And I’d like to make a soft denim v-neck top with a yoke addition using the lace…something like this…


Back to the park with lemonade, to lie back and wiggle our toes on the grass before we drove home.   

Park 3

Such pretty colours. What a great day. I can’t wait to do it again…

Costume Pattern

Studiously avoiding the reference to Adults, the next day I used some of our new additions to make robes for my OH’s next larp character using View 6 from this pattern.


He’s going to be all religious and goddess-worshipping this time. He’s the least pious person I know, so that’ll be fun!


I bought two soft denims, this is what I’ve made so far with the lighter shade. I’m still figuring out how to modify commercial patterns by dipping into a sewing course I bought through Groupon. The course itself can be quite painful at times, not to mention badly structured, but it is giving me confidence with toiles. Slowly slowly catchy monkey.

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