A Union Jack in the making

Today I visited my friend Sandy. I adore her. She’s full of life, creative, boisterous, funny, awesome at growing plants and cooking and turns her hands to all manner of makery. Her home is full of representations of the Green Man, with the odd Buddha, African sculpture, Native American illustration and a few angels dotted about for good measure. (Did I mention the plants?) She swims, she yogas, she tai chis, she boot camps, she runs. She’s also an incredible mother. Oh yes – and she has a job, too.

She showed me the rag rug she’s making for her son, who is training as an engineer in the army.


She’s making it from his childhood garments and I think it’s a beautiful way to celebrate his early years.


The front is really fluffy…


The back is just as good to look at.

Nice one Sandy. You rock.