The biggest pencil cases you’ve ever seen.


Yesterday I broke the rule. The one about not starting Shiny New Projects until you’ve finished at least three…but rules are meant to be broken, yes?

Paul asked for a bag for his new birthday present. He said he wouldn’t mind a drawstring bag, but as he picked out this rather fabulous tie-dyed denim, I thought it may be a bit stiff for pulling a drawstring tight. So off into zipland we went, and I lined it with white cotton too.


Tie-dyed denim zip bag with strap


Now, if you’re going to make one bag, you’re probably going to wish you’d done a second one to carry around that lovely hardback book on photography, too.


Tie-dyed denim zip bags


This is what he’ll keep in his bag. Lovely new tai chi shoes, just in time for the championships.


Tai chi shoes


I’ll admit to a moment’s panic when I handed it over – oh, please tell me it came out the right size!


Denim zip bag with tai chi shoes



There are a few other things in the pipeline, if you’d like to follow what else I’m making you’ll find me posting work in progress at

See you there 🙂


Make No. 27: Larp Weapons Rack

Okay, so I finished this one in the summer…around the time of the tent organiser in fact. It just got whisked away to hold larp weapons and live among slugs and then it was muddy…and crumpled…and looking a bit sorry for itself, so I thought I’d give it a bath before it made its debut 🙂


It’s handy. Very very handy. No more ruined swords, hopefully…


Make no. 24: Wicker Basket Lining

Happy Sunday! I’m a little behind with my makes…but lots of things have been going on backstage so various projects will be bearing fruit soon.

My neighbour gave me a basket a while ago and I’ve been toying with the idea of storing the ironing pile in it for ages. Only, the inside of it was likely to snag on our clothes and it needed something (preferably pretty) to protect the fabric. So, while we watched Olympic gymnastics together, the lining was born from a roll end I found in Leicester.




A home for the ironing pile. How grown up. Even more grown up would be getting up at 5.30am every day to actually do the ironing…nah…

Make no. 23: Tent Organiser


Hey 🙂 How are you today? It’s muggy as hell here and we’re floppy. Very floppy. But here’s a summertime camping post to make up for the last, rather unseasonal one!

Make no. 23 was a request from the very lovely Bill in our larp group. He wanted somewhere to put his washing up sponge…he got somewhere. And as it was made from excess tent that we tore away to create a canopy, which has been much enjoyed since, it matches the interior of Chez Gil-Gwaith rather well.


Tent Organiser


Suggested activities for newly-made tent canopies include having a beer with a troll.


Tent canopy


Swords got in the way a bit, so guess what I made after that…

Have a lovely afternoon. If all else fails, have an ice lolly. That’s what I say.

If someone left a vacuum cleaner running outdoors for three years straight, would it suck in the sky?

I saw that this trending on Twitter recently. It made me giggle. And then I thought, if I left a really intelligent vacuum cleaner running at home while I went to work, it might gather up all the dust bunnies and clutter for me…wouldn’t that be nice?

Clutter is my nemesis (also lack of sleep, but that’s a subject for another day). When bits and pieces begin to accumulate around me, I start grinding to a halt, losing focus, losing clarity, losing drive, getting tetchy. If it gets out of hand, I lose momentum altogether. The importance of clear space to me has really struck home since my wonderful, gorgeous and rather untidy man moved in. Sometimes I feel that I spend much of my time simply holding back the surging, squirming wall of Things. And we’re not big shoppers or extravagant people; it’s just that we have many interests and projects and they generate…well…Stuff. And we cannot afford to be lazy about managing it.

The trouble is, clutter attracts clutter…sometimes so slowly, it’s hardly noticeable. Beware the Crap Magnet. It tends to be a corner. The corner of the bedroom. The corner of the dining room. The corner of the shed.

I think I’ve found the solution. I’m going to live in a round house.

How do you deal with your clutter?

Make No. 11: Quick squared notebook


Today’s make is an A5 squared notepad.

I like to sketch ideas when I’m out and about, and I’m learning to create Celtic motifs, which will eventually be digitised for embroidery…so this is going to be perfect. A4 is too big to shove in my bag and I want a hard cover so I can lean on my knee 🙂


I love this paper, I’ve had it a little while.


Thought I’d make the back pretty, but different to the front. I’ll split my designs up – Celtic designs one side, random stuff in the other.



I might add more coils and an elastic closure when it’s had a test drive.

Time to get scribbling!

In case you were wondering…

Hey 🙂 Thanks for dropping in.

Just wanted to let you know that change is afoot…

I’m aware that people have been clicking through to my Folksy shop and the shelves have been kinda bare. There’s a good reason for this; have no fear, the makey train has not been derailed.

I’m in the process of migrating to Etsy, for reasons I’ll go into at a later date. Favourite my shop if you want to keep up with new arrivals!

So please bear with me while I restock and in the meantime, have a splendid weekend! Choowoo!

Rivers, resolutions and colouring in

Today I’m thinking about rivers. I remember reading a quote in a meditation book (by Thich Naht Hahn?) that likened the untrained mind to a raging river, our racing thoughts rushing through us in an uncontrollable torrent. I see a stream on my way to work and at the moment it is cold, fast, muddy, unrelenting. It’s a reminder to me of my one New Year resolution: do less. Last year, I did a great deal to learn, establish, pursue, produce. This year is about taking one thing at a time, enjoying it as much as possible, and extracting as much from each experience as I can.

I’ve joined a Facebook group dedicated to producing 52 projects a year, which gives me a weekly incentive to get one project done and dusted by Sunday each week. No more UFOs! Well, maybe.

To help me along the way, I’ve printed and coloured in my new calendar!

You can download yours here.

Isn’t it lovely?