Wildflower Birthday Card

Hey! I hope you’re having grand morning. Here, we have a beautiful bright day and the last of the autumn flowers are raising their faces to the sun.

Today I’m sharing a card I made for my good friend Emma, using wildflowers from GrowWildUK that grew in our garden over the summer.


I’m not sure the colours would have survived the drying process without a microwave flower press…but there’s nothing wrong with applying a bit of modern technology to an old craft, right 🙂

I really love this birthday stamp…I’d kinda forgotten I had it. I have a habit of buying things at a steal, leaving them in the To Put Away pile and rediscovering them six months later. I’d say it was a bad habit, except the moments of joy when I stumble across a beautiful bargain make me very happy! So it’s a trait I’m happy to keep.

How about you? Have you made cards using real flowers? Have you got a stash of forgotten gems?