Little larp make: Noughts and crosses game

Happy Saturday! It’s been super-busy around here lately so I’ve been a bit slow with posting. I’ll catch up…

I’ve been toying with the idea of old-looking games for a while now; they’re brilliant for live role play. We went to the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green and had such a good time. So much fun! There’s a lot of inspiration there too, I recommend it. It got me thinking.

We have quite a few branches stashed in our garden for slicing into rune pieces and game pieces, so I burned some and whipped up a lined bag with the game embroidered on the front.


Noughts and Crosses embroidered larp game


It works a treat, and there’s room in the bag for a deck of cards and snack too. I’ve had a few requests for Nine Men’s Morris, I’ll have to make one so I can learn how to play 🙂

Enjoy your weekend! Walk in peace.

Make No. 36: Redwork Feather Bookmarks


We’re attending a Christmas craft fair next month, and these little redwork feather bookmarks will be part of our entourage. I’ve been toying with the idea of small embroidery for a while, as we don’t want everything we display to be expensive. Who doesn’t love a stocking filler! It’s also nice to make small things sometimes. Cloaks take up a LOT of lounge floor, and you can never, ever find your scissors while you’re playing Dressmaking Twister.

I love feathers, and I’m loving the redwork and blackwork designs that I’ve seen. So inspiring…I love the idea of turning a doodle into machine embroidery, or screen prints.



I kinda like ’em! I might just have to make myself a purple one.


Make 35: Embroidered Tree Surcoat


Paul’s been on about a tree surcoat for his larp character forever. Well, maybe about a year. There was a long debate about fabric. Many sketches ensued. He spent hours and hours getting the design right, and to his credit it’s turned out nicely. I can’t bear a tree with droopy roots…




We had lots of fun and games getting the embroidery machine to play ball. We spent an entire evening tearing our hair out, wondering what was amiss. Turns out it was a dodgy spool of thread! Once that was sorted, it was onto the coat design. The basic coat shape came from a Simplicity pattern. I had made one mandarin collar before, but for a different sized coat, so it was literally back to the drawing board.



He wanted side flares to give more swoosh (I reckon he wants to smuggle things. I think smuggle might be my favourite word). Another learning curve for me. I think most of this year has been curved 🙂

 .                     surcoat-2


He’s happy. I’m happy. The embroidery machine is happy. Everyone’s happy! Happy Sunday!


Make No. 29: Embroidered Velvet Horse Banner

Make No. 29 is a gift for my parents to give to some friends that they haven’t seen each other for 35 years. Cool huh? They’ve got a lot of catching up to do!


Getting five layers of squishy fabric was a bit of a mission, but it was nothing compared to my efforts to stop the banner flying off into the sunset. Highly amusing. This shot was taken as it took its maiden voyage across the garden. I’m going to be embroidering different coloured horses onto cream over the next few days. Should look AWESOME!

Make it a wonderful evening 🙂



Make no. 26: Dragon Embroidery


You’ve heard of blue dragon…sorry, today’s make is not noodles 🙂


I’ve been poking around the files in our embroidery machine and found this rather magnificent fellow. Or he might be a she?


It’s really been an experiment to find out if I like Gunold threads. I do. They have a good range of colours, they wash well, they don’t give me tangle headaches. Result. Will I be adding to my collection of 24 colours? Oh, I think so…


‘Cos you have to have purple.



Time for a bright green one, I think…very Welsh…