Make No. 33: Gelli Feather Print Card


Make No. 33 combines two of my favourite things: Gelli printing and feathers.




The feather was collected by a close friend, which made it extra special to work with. I adore blues and greens…peacocks and oceans, dragonflies and magpies, and there’s a magnificent unpredictability about Gelli printing, especially with organic materials. You never know exactly what you’re going to get, and even the not-so-good bits make stunning backgrounds. Not everyone likes that flavour of makery, of course; in last week’s art class I heard an outraged “I can’t bear watercolours, they just won’t do as they’re told!” I did actually laugh out loud. That’s what I like best about them…

The card was for my friend Splendid Emma. Happy birthday, lady 🙂

Make it a wonderful day.

Walk in peace.



Make No. 32 – Relief Texture Tiles

This one was a leap in the dark for me…texture paste? Never heard of it.

This term, art class is about the Victorians. Our brief was to make five botanical drawings from seed heads and to translate the shape of one of them into four different tiles, using different textures and relief. It was a surprisingly challenging project, and involved some painting of spaghetti and split peas but dammit – I did it. It highlighted my deep issues with Randomness (which is strange, considering what comes out of my mouth). It is not my favourite piece of work, but it taught me tonnes. And that, I am assured, was the point of the exercise.



Next week we’re starting with oil paints. I think I used them once, about 25 years ago. Good heavens above. Three, two, one, rags at the ready…

Make No. 28: Collage Birthday Card

Emergency cards for boys! We all know about those…this one’s for my godfather. I don’t know how old he’ll be this year, which probably makes me an extremely bad goddaughter.


Still. Let’s hope he likes it, and doesn’t notice that I did the stitchery drunk and in the dark. Must have been quite wonky underlay. Reminds me of a house I once rented; my co-habitee sprinkled lettuce seeds on the carpet when we left, because the landlord refused to believe that the house was Actually Very Damp Indeed. But that, my friends, is another story…


Make No. 19: Father’s Day Card

Hey 🙂 How are you doing today? Our rain has abated and we’ve been blessed with the best of English summer. My spirits needed a lift…it’s been a sad week, we’ve lost some good friends and seen some ugliness as a result of the referendum. I voted to stay – for me, political stability in Europe and concern for the environment won out – and I was keen not to throw any petrol on Mr Farage’s bonfire. What I don’t understand is the people who voted Leave but didn’t really mean it. What?!

Anyway. Let’s put it all behind us and look to the future. Appropriately enough, today’s make is a clock-themed Father’s Day card for my dad, who is a former watchmaker among other things. I’m happy to say he liked it a lot.




I used an embossing folder for the main card and another on black card for the clock panel. Then it was time to mix up some acrylic paints and lose half an hour in a happy mess. Is there any better thing in the world?

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, whatever you might be up to.

Walk in peace.

Make no. 15: Engagement Card

Hey! How’s your weekend? It’s the most glorious summer day here today. It reminds me of Cape Town. The garden umbrella calls. In the meantime…here we go with make no. 15!

One of Paul’s colleagues threw a party in honour of her recent engagement, and we had a great night of drinking and dancing to help the happy couple celebrate.

Engagement card

At the end of the night, the dancers formed a circle around them on the dancefloor and serenaded them with The Time Of My Life. It was lovely 🙂

And it’s been ages since the glitter came out 🙂 We’ll be finding it for weeks…

Rune Art Cards – Wunjo

Good morning! How’s your day so far?

This week I’m working on some rune art cards. I’ve listed quite a few feathers recently, so now it’s time to give the magic of the elder futhark my attention.


Wunjo is one of my favourite runes. It represents happiness, contentment, friendship and joy. The culmination of good things, harvest and reward.

Once the rune set is complete, I’ll be moving on to ogham motifs. I’ve been looking fruitlessly for this kind of card for such a long time, I figured I’d better just get on with making them myself! I hope you like them 🙂


Fairy Damsel Throws A Needle


I hope you’re well and enjoying your day…it’s raining bats and hamsters here but never mind. The makey train is going full steam ahead and I’m loving every second of it, so I shall smile at the rainclouds and just be thankful that the water butt is being refilled.

I’ve been designing some fan cases for our tai chi club, the existing ones are akin to the disappointment that is NHS syringe driver bag. Thin ‘n grim. We can do so much better…I’ll post some photos once the new batch is complete. I had to giggle when my tai chi teacher wrote “fairy damsel throws a needle” under a Facebook post of the new bags last night! (It’s a part of the Wudang sword form – I love the names of the moves). There are big plans afoot for the club’s apparel and accessories and I think I’m slap bang in the middle of them…exciting times.

I’ve been painting and doodling and colouring my cotton socks off since I started my drawing and painting class three weeks ago. Some of my work is making it onto handmade cards and into my shop…I’m also making up some satin and velvet crystal bags for a reiki group, I’m told the good folk stagger in with armloads of tumbling gems and are crying out for some pouches. I’ve got a notepad to finish, a tent organiser to make, and I’m planning some larp water bottle carriers too. And more syringe driver bags for the Pay It Forward campaign, there’s only one left in the shop! And that’s just this week…but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Onward and upward! Have a fabulous day!



Make no. 12: New Home Card

Good morning! How are you today?

I’ve had a little break from blogging, partly because of illness and partly because there has been a lot going on. Spring is always crazy-busy for us…everyone is coming out of hibernation and we’re deluged with courses and events.

So, I’m a little behind with my 52 makes but there is plenty afoot and all will be well.

Here’s number twelve: a new home card for our dear friend Mac and his lovely wife Mary, who are leaving us for a sea view in rural Scotland. Much as we will miss them terribly, we can’t really blame them 🙂


I love key stamps and this one in particular…the heart detail is subtle but beautiful. It’s been a long time since I used chalks, I like to use an off-cut of fleece to blend with. And who doesn’t like getting the paintbrushes out now and then? I used diluted ink from the same ink pad as the key is stamped with. I hope my friends like it.

Make No. 11: Quick squared notebook


Today’s make is an A5 squared notepad.

I like to sketch ideas when I’m out and about, and I’m learning to create Celtic motifs, which will eventually be digitised for embroidery…so this is going to be perfect. A4 is too big to shove in my bag and I want a hard cover so I can lean on my knee 🙂


I love this paper, I’ve had it a little while.


Thought I’d make the back pretty, but different to the front. I’ll split my designs up – Celtic designs one side, random stuff in the other.



I might add more coils and an elastic closure when it’s had a test drive.

Time to get scribbling!