Cake, Celts and Cosiness

Aloha! How are you doing today?

I’m having a Housey Day and it’s quietly wonderful. There’s a 3 Ingredient Cake slowly baking in the oven, although I didn’t have chocolate milk…so I improvised with cocoa powder and stem ginger, ‘cos it was there…seems okay so far…

I’ve spent the morning doing a bit of House Elfery and tiddling about with ideas that have been on a back burner for a while, like learning to design Celtic motifs and use a woodburning tool on leather. I’m generally feeling very lucky to be healthy, loved and in my warm home, doing things I enjoy.

Sometimes you need a day to gather your thoughts and slip down a couple of gears, I think….to allow some space for little seeds of inspiration to germinate. And have a little sleep.

Did you see this tree this week? Stunning. I wonder which was there first, the temple or the tree? Follow the link to Japanese tree porn at the bottom of the article if you like the gingko tree. Magical.

I hope you’re at peace with your world. Time to check on the cake…



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