An introduction to watercolour

We recently went on an Introduction to Painting and Drawing day for Paul’s birthday. I did art A level but that was many moons ago and my confidence with pen and wash was…er…MIA.

It was a fantastic day and I loved every minute of it. How happy did the sight of our table make me?

1 Classroom

Very happy.

We practised sketching a single object, and then several together, intersecting. I decided on some bottles and jugs and feathers. When we had the bare bones sorted, we started playing with pens (eek! Can’t rub it out! Scary!). Lots of techniques were demonstrated: scribbling, dots, bubbles, lines, crosshatching.

2 Pen outline

Then we added colour. Our teacher Sarah showed us various ways to apply paint and how watercolours behave, and how to make the most of them. This is her demo piece below. I love it!

8 Painting 1

Then we had a go.

4 Finished painting

I’m pretty happy with my attempt. I’m not going to finish it, I’ll keep all of my practise pieces as they are so I can look back and track my progress.

This is my neighbour. She looks happy too!

5 My neighbour

One of the best things was seeing how everyone interpreted the theme and used colour and texture differently…

11 Painting2 10 Painting 5 9 Painting 3

It was good to see our stuff together. What a great mix of personalities in the room.

7 Group paintings

But most importantly, Paul had a great time!

6 Paul's painting

It was surprising tiring, drawing and painting for six hours. But when I got home it wasn’t long before I continued trying.

12 Mini feathers

Bit of a theme developing? Maybe that shoebox of feathers is more important than I thought 🙂

Have you ever taken an adult art class? I recommend it. I’m already booked onto my next one…

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